Thursday, February 26, 2015

Organizing Your Craft or Scrapbooking Space on a's a class!!

Hello and welcome!

I can't even contain my excitement right now! This has been a long time coming, and I'm thrilled to announce that the Organizing Fairy is now offering a fabulous new class - Craft, Hobby and Scrapbook Space Organization on a Budget!!

So many of you these days have a dedicated room or space for your hobby, whether it be scrapbooking and paper crafting, stamping, knitting and crocheting, needlework, sewing, jewelry-making...the list is endless! And those of us who enjoy these fun, rewarding hobbies (I've been a stamper, scrapbooker and paper crafter for over 25 years!) tend to have...well...a LOT of STUFF! (we NEED our STUFF, right ladies?!! LOL!)  Paper, embellishments, yarn, beads, fabric, ribbon, glues, tools, machines,etc! And all of that STUFF can get out of hand REALLY easy!

Well, never fear....this awesome new class is designed to help you get control of all that
STUFF, and get it all organized once and for all! Or, maybe you have a fairly organized space, but it just needs a little "update" or "tweaking"...maybe you need some fresh ideas and storage options for some new supplies you are working with. This class is for anyone looking to have a more organized creative space!

The class will be jam-packed with ideas and inspiration...from how to get started organizing a craft space, to what organizing products to use, to how to create a super-cute space....all on a BUDGET!! Yep, there's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on organizing your creative space. At this class, you will learn how to have the creative space of your dreams, one that is totally organized, functional and decorative at the same time! A place that you LOVE to be in! A space that reflects YOU! A calm, uncluttered work space that will help increase your creativity and productivity! And all of this can be achieved by using products from the dollar store!!  NO KIDDING! Learn how to get organized using budget-friendly products, so you have funds left to spend on your actual hobby!

Here are the details:

                                    CLASS DATE:  TUESDAY, MARCH 24

                                    TIME:  10:30AM-1PM OR 6:30PM TILL 9PM

                                    FEE:  ONLY $25!        WHICH INCLUDES....

1. A FREE organizing gift just for attending!

2. Yummy refreshments! (bonus!)

3. Drawing for a FREE organizing product package!

4. Drawing for a FREE 2 hour, in-home consultation with the Organizing Fairy! ($30 value!)

5. Learn the organizing basics and how to get started, how to clear the clutter, etc.

6. Learn how to organize your crafting supplies with dollar store products!

7. Learn how to make your creative space more organized, functional and decorative without         spending a ton of money!

8. Learn how to put systems in place to KEEP your creative space organized and clutter free!

9. You will leave the class with the knowledge, the tools and the confidence to create the creative space that you've always wanted and deserve!

10. Handouts with class content and space for taking notes.

11. FREE gift for every friend you refer that attends the class! Tell your friends and neighbors and bring them along and make it a fun "girl's day (or evening!) out!

How to register:    Just shoot me a quick email and I'll add your name to the class list! Please indicate in your email which class you would like to attend, morning or evening!  We'll arrange for payment, (cash, check or Paypal) and you will be registered for this FUN, informative class!  Seating is limited, so hurry and register today!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to get your creative space organized...all for only $25 for the class! It will be one of the best "investments" you'll make!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

See you on the 24th!

Cindy Baker - The Organizing Fairy

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Organized U" classes starting in January!!

Hello friends! Who wants to get organized in 2015?? If that is one of your goals for the New Year,  I'm thrilled to announce that in addition to my home organizing services, The Organizing Fairy will be offering monthly organizing CLASSES!! An organizing class may be just for you! It's a SUPER-AFFORDABLE way to get you and your entire home and family organized!
Maybe you prefer doing the organizing work yourself, (instead of having a home organizer come to your home and do the work), but need ideas, tips, and encouragement to get you started and keep you going!

 "Organized U" classes are designed to help you achieve a more efficiently run home, become more productive, and you will be able to find things when you need them, you will have more time to relax and spend time with family and friends, AND you will feel peace and calm in your home, rather than have daily stress and chaos! Who doesn't want THAT? Our homes should be a sanctuary from this crazy world we live in.... a place that is fun, and happy...not a place that is filled with clutter, chaos and stress.

If you are tired of the everyday clutter, and long to live a more simple life, without feeling like you are in "crisis mode" everyday, ("Where are the car keys?"  "Mom! I can't find my shoes!"  "Honey, where are the bank statements?"...sound familiar? We've ALL been there!), then Organized U classes are definitely for YOU!

Register today for Organized U, and the Organizing Fairy will teach you creative, budget-friendly solutions for your organizing challenges, one room or space in your home per month!

Class Schedule for 2015:

January: Kitchen/Pantry/Refrigerator
February: Bedrooms/Closets
March: Bathroom/Linen Closets
April: Kid's rooms/play rooms (even "big kid's play rooms..."man caves", etc.!)
May: Living room/family room/media room
June: Home office/bill pay center/paper clutter
July: Laundry room or area
August: Family command center
September: Garage/car (yes, you can organize your car!)
October: craft/hobby room or area/homework area (tips on setting one up, as well, even if all you have is a small corner!)
November: Gift wrap center
December: Photos and memorabilia and Graduation party!

By the end of the year, your entire house will be organized and you will have systems put in place to KEEP it organized!

Classes will be held the last Thursday of each month, at 10:30am or 6:30pm in Menifee. A Saturday class will be added if there is enough interest)

Tuition: Just $30 per month, or, you may choose to pay in full for the entire year, and get one class FREE! ($330 for full year registration...regularly $ you get a $30 discount!!)

Tuition includes:

One classroom session per month (2 hours)
Curriculum will include:

1. Invaluable ideas and direction for de-cluttering and organizing each particular room or area of
    your home.

2. How-to tips and tricks for organizing on a budget and using items you already have. (getting
    organized doesn't have to be expensive!)

3. Organizing product ideas to use in your organizing projects. (and a shopping guide with info
     on where to purchase organizing products, if needed, and where to get inexpensive products!)
     Some organizing products may be on hand at the class for purchase.
     The Organizing Fairy will do some of the shopping for you! (totally optional though!)
     I will also share ideas for making your own organizing products, for little or NO cost, with items
     you have around the house!

4. Mid-month email to offer updates, more tips, encouragement, and motivation to keep going with
    your "homework assignments" for that month. The Organizing Fairy will be your biggest
    cheerleader, and will answer any questions you might have before the next class! You will also be
    able to email me at anytime with any questions you have!

5. Possible shopping "field trip" to the Container Store and Ikea in San Diego for organizing

6. Organizing binder/journal to take notes, and keep before and after photos to track and document
    your progress!

7. Organized U "diploma" at the Graduation Party! Special gift for those who attend every class all
    year long!

Are you ready to get started?? It's going to be a FUN, productive class! Spread the word to your family and friends, and sign them up too! Get organized together! It's fun to have an "organizing buddy" to help and encourage each other!

The first Organized U class starts on Thursday, Jan. 29th, 2015, so register today! (tuition of $30 for the first class, or full tuition for the year,
is due at registration). Seating is limited for each class session.

Register by emailing The Organizing Fairy at:!  Hope to see you in class on January 29th!!  I can't wait to help you with all of your organizing goals!

Cindy Baker - The Organizing Fairy

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Organize Your Christmas Decorations!

The holidays are upon us! I'm so looking forward to sharing holiday meals with my family, and seeing Christmas through the eyes of my granddaughters! It's going to be a wonderful Christmas!

After all of the celebrating is over in January, it will be time to take down all the Christmas decor, and store it away for next year. (that's always a sad day at my house...I'd leave my Christmas decorations up all year if I could! LOL!) Are your Christmas decorations organized? Can you always find the working strands of lights, the ornaments for the tree, the garland, the outdoor decor? Or is it all just dumped into plastic tubs or boxes and stored on some highs shelf? And then when Christmas comes again, there is frustration at the amount of time it takes to get everything together, find everything you need, and actually decorate your home....sound familiar? (tangled tree light??!! UGH!)

The Organizing Fairy has become the "Christmas" Organizing least temporarily! I have a GREAT system for organizing and storing Christmas decorations! One that will help you find what you need when you need it, it will streamline your holiday decorating process so you can get your home ready for the celebrations in no time at all, saving you time and money!!! (you won't be buying more strands of lights for the tree when you already have 20 working strands! LOL!) And I would LOVE to share this system with you!

The Christmas Organizing Fairy will come to your home in January and help you organize your Christmas decor, so next year you can implement this great system, and decorate your home in a snap! We'll organize your ornaments, wreaths, garland and greens, lights, outdoor decor, and even your Christmas gift wrapping supplies, if you'd like! I'll recommend organizing products (if needed), to store you decorations in, and teach you some fun little tips and tricks for decorating your home for Christmas faster and easier! (but still as beautiful and festive as ever!)

And all this at a SPECIAL discounted rate....just $100 for a 4 hour session!! (that's saving you $20 off the regular rate!)

 Email The "Christmas" Organizing Fairy to book your Christmas decor organizing session TODAY!!  Time slots are limited and will fill up fast!

I can't wait to help you get your holiday decor organized, so you can have a more fun, relaxing, less stressful and chaotic, Christmas in 2015! 

Merry Christmas!!

The Organizing Fairy!
(Cindy Baker) 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Booking now for January and beyond!

Hello, hello! The holidays will be over before we know it, and it will be time for New Year's resolutions and goal setting. If one of your goals is to finally get organized in 2015, let The Organizing Fairy help you find the best solutions to getting and staying organized! Whether it's just one room or area of your home that's driving you crazy, or if you need a "whole house make-over", The Organizing Fairy will work her "magic" and help you get your home and your life ORGANIZED!
Having constant clutter in your home can be stressful, it drains your energy, and can make you less productive. On the other hand, having an organized home helps keep stress to a minimum (no more searching for your car keys, or the kid's shoes, or important'll know exactly where everything is!), and totally promotes a calm, peaceful, productive environment for you and your family. And we can ALL use some peace and calm, away from this crazy world we live in!

The Organizing Fairy is now booking appointments for January and February, 2015! If you need some help getting organized, contact me by email: or by phone:  951-294-2908 and we will get you set up and on your way to reaching your organizing goals! My fee is just $30 an hour, and I work in 4 hour or 8 hour sessions. We can also customize a "package deal" just for you, depending on your organizing needs.

Just need a little help getting started with your organization goals? Book a 2 hour consultation with The Organizing Fairy for the special price of just $25! I'll give you ideas, tips and recommendations for organizing products, and you'll be on your way to your "getting organized" dreams!

Book your organizing session or consultation today! I can't wait to help you get organized in 2015!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Freezer organizers for sale!

Good morning! Remember the post in July about organizing your bottom-drawer freezer? (Scroll down to see the original post) I mentioned that I picked up those cool bins at Target in the Dollar Spot. Well, of course products are rotated every few months in the Dollar Spot, so those bins are now gone, BUT, I was able to get my hands on quite a few of them, and have bundled them with 2 plastic baskets for the bottom portion of the freezer drawer. If you'd like to organize your freezer, the bundle is just $20, (plus shipping charges, if I have to mail them to you) Contact me TODAY to order your freezer organizer bundle....quantities are limited!  Just email me at: to place your order, and you'll be on your way to having an organized freezer!

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Who is ready for an Organizing Fairy giveaway?!  All you have to do is comment on this post and leave your email address, and sign up to receive email notices anytime there is new organizing information on my blog, and you will be entered to win....drum roll please!.....a FREE, 2 hour consultation with the Organizing Fairy herself! The Organizing Fairy will come to your home (if you are local) and recommend organizing strategies, systems and products, for any room in your home...or all the rooms in your home! You will get a written list of recommendations and product resources as part of the consultation as well!
Need some ideas for organizing  your pantry?  Or maybe you can't take the kids' rooms or play room any longer!  Do you need help with your closets, or laundry room? The Organizing Fairy can give you the ideas and the confidence to bring some organization into your home!

Don't want to do the work yourself? The Organizing Fairy would be thrilled to help you organize any space in your home! (at a very reasonable price!) Just let her know during the consultation if you'd like her to come to your home and transform it from cluttered to organized and efficient, and she will give you an estimate right then and there! just leave a comment on this post, and sign up for email alerts, and you will be entered to with the FREE consultation! The drawing will be held on Saturday, Oct. 11! Check here on the blog or on The Organizing Fairy facebook page  on Sunday, Oct. 12th for the announcement of the winner! Good luck!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

DIY Gift Wrap Organization!

I'm excited to share with you my new "gift wrap center" that I created with an unlikely piece of furniture!

Awhile ago I purchased this portable kitchen island from an ad on a local "buy/sell/trade Facebook page. I had been wanting an island like this, not for my kitchen, but to use in my scrapbook/craft room. I like to stand up when I'm scrapbooking, and I need something that is "counter height". A movable kitchen island seemed like a good solution.  So I go to pick up the island, and it looks okay at first glance, then the guy that sold it to me tries to put it in my car, and it kind of starts to fall apart. (yikes) The guy says it's ok, the screws just needed tightening, etc. And it needed a major cleaning. But, for 20 bucks, I was gonna make it work!

Got the island home and found some screws were actually missing, couldn't fix one of the wheels on the bottom so it "wobbled", there was a crack in the butcher block counter AND it was a little warped. Hmmmm....lesson learned : check out items you buy on a "buy/sell/trade Facebook page (or Craig's List) a little more carefully before you take them home. Live and learn. 

So since the kitchen island is wobbly and the counter is warped, I can't really use it in my scrapbook room, (can't cut paper with a paper cutter on a wobbly surface) as I had planned. I wasn't sure what to do with the thing, and I thought I had "lost" $20 on a useless kitchen island.....until....the idea hit!

 Of course! Make it into a gift wrap center! LOL! Makes perfect sense, right?! LOL! I've been trying to find a great way to keep all my gift wrapping supplies organized, and I had tried several methods....first, I used a large, plastic bin with a lid to keep all of the gift bags and tissue papers in one place, and I stored it in the garage, because there really wasn't a good place to store the bin in the house. But that bin wasn't very functional....every time I needed a gift bag or tissue paper, I had to sort through the box, things would fall out, etc.  I'm a "grab and go" kind of gal...I like to find what I need, grab it and be done. Rolls of gift wrap were stored in a plastic bin made to store rolls of gift wrap and that was working ok.

Then some space became available, and I created a gift wrap center in a large closet in the house. I used cardboard "file" boxes (that are made to store photos in), to store ribbons and bows, etc. and I hung the gift bags on hangers in the closet. I could just choose the gift bag I needed and take it off the hanger!  The gift wrap roll bin was just placed near the gift bags in the closet. That method was better, and I loved having the gift bags hung on the hangers, but circumstances came up and I had to move that gift wrap center back out to the garage. :( Bummer.

And now, I think I've come up with the perfect gift wrap center solution! Yes, it's in the garage,(which is blazing hot in the summer and chilly in the winter) but I don't wrap gifts that often. And when I do, everything is in one place AND I have a surface to actually wrap the gifts on! (even though the surface is a bit warped! LOL!)

I placed most of the gift bags are in a small plastic bin, to sort of "file": the bags, and the bin is now in one of the cabinets of the island. The middle cabinet holds more gift bags and some small, kraft gift boxes. The third cabinet holds more small boxes and tags and paper "shreds", with room to spare!  One drawer holds ribbons and bows. The 2nd drawer holds all of the tissue paper.  A small organizer on top holds scissors and pens! That gift wrap roll bin now sits next to the island, so the rolls are handy whenever needed! (the rolls are too tall to fit in the cabinets of the island) And, I put a piece of cardboard under the wobbly wheel, so the island doesn't wobble anymore! LOL!

What I'm most excited about is when Christmas comes (do you realize it's only 18 weeks away??!), I'll have a spot to wrap gifts to my heart's content...a place that is sort of "secret" so nobody can see the fun surprises I am wrapping! I'll stock the island with Christmas tissue paper, boxes & tags, and bring the Christmas gift wrap roll bin close to the island for easy access. (my rolls of Christmas wrapping paper are stored in a 2nd gift wrap bin like the first one I mentioned above, and the bin is stored in the garage, near the bins of Christmas decor)

I absolutely love my new gift wrap center! And for just $20! ( I already had the plastic organizer bins for the cabinets and drawers.) Can't beat that!

 Now, I'm guessing that MOST of you PROBABLY don't have a movable kitchen island on hand at your house! LOL! (or maybe you do?!! ) If you don't, and  you want one to use one as a great gift wrap center, and you have the space for it, check Craig's List, garage sales, and your local buy/sell/trade facebook pages and I bet you'll find one for a great price! (they are quite expensive brand new....$300+)
 The point here is....get creative and use what you have to create functional organizing solutions for whatever your needs may be! Take a tour of your house and see what items you have that can be re-purposed and reused to help you get organized!

So what fun gift wrap organizing ideas are you using in your home? Share you ideas with me by leaving a comment below!...I'd love to hear about them!

Be sure and sign up for email notices (above, left), so you'll know whenever I've done a new post here on the Organizing Fairy blog!  If you need help getting organized, the Organizing Fairy would LOVE to help you! No job is too small!  See details about my organizing packages by clicking the "Services" button at the top of this page!

And check out the post below this one, regarding my brand new organizing classes for those that are local! Classes are the most affordable way to get organized, with the help of a professional, to give ideas, tips and encouragement along the way!

Happy Organizing, everyone!

Cindy Baker -aka The Organizing Fairy